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"Nathron Web Hosting and Digital Media" written in the Elvish language. Nathron is Elvish for Webmaster.

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NATHRON Web Site Hosting & Consulting:
By Appointment Only

Domain Names:
- Domain name registration, annual renewals and transfers.
- Register any domain name not already in use. ("" etc.)

Websites: (Domain name registration and annual renewal required.)
- DIY (Do it yourself) Web Site Design.
- Choose from thousands of pre-made templates.
- Upload your own photos and content.
- Generous email accounts included.
- Easy to use Control Panel.
- Generous bandwidth.

- Your web site hosted in Premier Data Centers.
- 99.9% Uptime.
- Cloud technology for maximum reliability and performance.

eMail: (Domain name registration, annual renewal and hosting account required.)
- Make and administrate your own mailboxes.
- Generous email accounts included with web hosting accounts.

- Product photography for your web site.
- Advanced web site photo gallery design.

- In home computer training and tutoring.
- Advanced web site photo gallery design.
- eMailbox Setup and Configuration.
- Web site troubleshooting and beta testing.
- Highly customized Website design. (Custom graphics services outsourced.)
- Custom made home desktop computer.
- Home computer repair and data recovery.


The NATHRON Difference:
Honest Pricing

No Deceptive Marketing Tactics:
At Nathron, all of our pricing is straight forward. You know what you are getting how much it will cost you right up front. No hidden fees, no fine print, no disclaimers and no contracts.

We are not GoDaddy. We are not going to quote you an unrealistic and impossibly low price on one essential product or service just to get you on the hook and then try to make up for it on the back end by clobbering you with a much more expensive reality than you were expecting. When you get an email account at Nathron, you get one that you can actually use, and you don't get a "relay fee" for every email that goes in or out of your mailbox either.

NATHRON Specializes in Full Service Web Hosting Solutions:
At Nathron, you don't need to know anything about web sites in order to get a web site of your own. You can just tell us what you want and we'll make it happen for you. But keep in mind, the same way that a full service gas station costs more than a self serve gas station, having us do it for you is more expensive than you doing it yourself. At Nathron web hosting, we know each customer individually and we'd like to keep it that way. That's why we review and accept new customers on an individual basis.

Current Price List: (Prices changes don't happen often or without advanced notice.)
- Domain Name Registration, $18.00 per year with no separate fee for transfers (in or out).
- Minimum Monthly Web Hosting fee is $15.00 per month which includes DIY web site and email account.
(Domain name registration and annual renewal required.)
- Billable Consultation Rate, $100.00 with a one hour minimum.
- Web Site Design, $100.00 per hour. (The more pages your site has, the cheaper each page gets.)
- Product Photography
$400.00 per half day. $400.00 minimum.


What Is A Web Site?
How Do I Get A Web Site?
Here is the bare minimum that you will need in order to have a web site and working email account.

Domain Name Registration:
In order to have a web site, the first thing that you need to do is register a domain name (What we call a "Top Level Domain" and we can do that for you.)
When you register a domain name, the name you choose is recorded internationally and basically paired with the IP address of your web site, providing the ability for web surfers to connect to your web site via the Internet. When you register a domain name, you become the lien holder of that domain (not the owner) so long as you keep the registration renewed. Neither your web site (ie or your email account ( will work unless your domain name registration (ie
"") remains current. You can renew your domain name registration for multiple years at a time, not to exceed 10 years total.

Web Site Files:
A web site typically consists of nothing more than electronic documents, each bearing a combination of text and pictures which are viewed by using a web browser program such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Each typical web site file will have a file name format such as "webpage.htm" or "webpage.html" and will have images (ie "picturename.jpg") embedded into it as well as clickable "links" to other pages within the collection of web site pages which together make up the web site. There are many ways to make web pages and each Nathron web hosting account comes with a variety of free web site templates you can use to build your own web site.

Web Hosting Account:
Once you have built a collection of web site pages (ie "webpage1.html", "webpage2.html", "webpage3.html") as described above, you will have to put those web site files someplace where every web surfer in the world will have the ability to physically connect to them. No one will be able to see your web site if it exist only on your home computer, so all of your web site files must be copied to a really big computer called a server (aka web server) which is directly connected to the global Internet backbone. All web sites hosted by Nathron are served from web servers located inside state of the art "data center" buildings.

The cost of each web hosting account is directly proportional to two different factors. 1.) The size of the web site. 2.) The amount of bandwidth that web site uses. The size of a web site is the measurement of the hard drive space that your web site files take up. Add to that the combined size of all your email accounts put together (, etc.) that are being stored on the server. "Bandwidth" is the measure of how much data is transferred to or from your web site via the web surfers.



Nathron Web Site Hosting & Consulting is a U.S. Army Veteran and Heavy Metal Musician Owned & Operated Small Business.